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Mastering Social Media: How to Create a Killer Facebook Advertising Strategy

How to Create a Killer Facebook Advertising Strategy

Expand your reach with a killer Facebook advertising strategy. Read on to learn how!

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There’s no sense investing in Facebook ads if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for. This isn’t a tool you can just put some money into and leave alone. It’s a digital marketing strategy you have to carefully craft and execute from start to finish.

The more you pay attention to the minor details – using targeted locations and income levels – the more successful your Facebook advertising strategy will be.

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to follow to create amazing results.

1. Do Your Research and Get Specific

It’s one thing to know who your target audience is and another to understand their online behaviors. You need both to create a killer Facebook ad. Check over all the market research you’ve done and make sure you’ve hit all the points you needed to.

Cover the basics like age and gender and education and income level. Then, start identifying the kind of content your ideal customer responds most to on Facebook. Notice the brands they like and the content they comment on and share. This will help you create the copy and visuals that are most likely to catch their eye.

2. Create Quality Content

Speaking of copy and visuals, try to make your content push the boundaries of what consumers are used to seeing. Take the research you’ve done on other successful ads and use that as the starting point for your creative process. Then, take it one step further.

Maybe you take a funny approach to your ads or maybe you want to produce a quick, informative video to post and get a lot of shares for. Whatever type of content you put out there, make sure it stands out from all the other ads and posts your users are scrolling through.

3. Give Your Interactions a Personal Approach

Keep in mind that no matter how many ads you run or the number of posts you have in your publishing schedule, you still need to focus on personal interactions. Make sure you’re commenting back to what users have written on your posts and take a moment to share audience feedback on your page from time to time.

Manage your private messages. Don’t let new messages go unread or unresponded to for days on end, and respond to reviews customers write for you, too.

Transform Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

There’s a lot more to a Facebook advertising strategy than just the ads you run. At the end of the day, you need to make your entire Facebook presence the strongest it can be. This means you should constantly be researching consumers and competitors, trying new things, and engaging with your audience.

Not sure you have the time to get everything done on your own? Need a little help understanding how Facebook’s Ad Manager works?

You’ve come to the right place.

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