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Generate Leads Using Digital Marketing

How to Generate Leads Using Digital Marketing

Finding strong leads can be quite difficult. If you’re struggling and need some guidance, here’s a handy guide on how to generate leads using digital marketing.

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Competition in the business world has exploded.

We don’t want to make your sweat but get this… There are over 28 million registered small businesses in the United States. There are countless medium to large-sized ones.

All of those organizations are doing battle for a finite amount of consumers in an increasingly global marketplace.

What that means for you, no matter what your company’s size, is that you need to start coming up with some sophisticated ways to cut through the competitive clutter.

Therein lies the value of digital marketing. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that embodies an assortment of marketing methods company leaders can leverage to reliably connect with consumers.

To give you a taste of what digital marketing channels you could be leveraging to generate leads, below, our team has compiled a list of our favorites!

1. Social Media

Throw a stone in a room full of people who say they know a cost-effective way to market your business and chances are you’ll end up chipping the tooth of someone about to say, “Social Media“.

The reason why social media is such a popular digital marketing medium to generate leads is that it works.

Whether you’re building an organic following by putting out shareable content or using ultra-effective paid promotion through Facebook, Twitter and the like, there are no shortage of levers to pull to connect with audiences on social.

2. Content Marketing

You have expertise and your audience wants it. The best way to share that expertise and meet people’s need to know is to start a blog, publish videos, share infographics, etc.

The more creative ways you can publish valuable content that your audience loves, the more chances you’ll have of earning someone’s trust and converting them into a lifelong customer!

3. SEO

Most of your digital marketing efforts are only as good as your SEO (search engine optimization).


Because there are 1.9 billion websites online right now fighting for the attention of 4.1 billion internet users.

If you want your content to rise above that noise, you need to learn how to optimize your material for Google search. If you do that, your products, services, and information will rise to the top of results pages and you’ll see incredible amounts of leads pour into your website.

4. Email Marketing

Once you have people on your site, the best way to keep them in your sales funnel is to grab their email. Email marketing is one of the highest ROI marketing mediums with a $1.00 spent to $38.00 returnedratio.

Using sophisticated email list services like Drip, Constant Contact and others, you’ll only ever be a couple of clicks away from generating leads and marketing your newest products to them!

Wrapping Up How to Generate Leads Through Digital Marketing

There you have it! 4 examples of how to generate leads through digital marketing.

And guess what? Our list above doesn’t even scratch the surface.

There are a nearly infinite array of ways you can leverage digital to boost your client-base and skyrocket your bottom line.

If you want to learn more about how to implement the strategies we discussed in this article and more into your workflows, let our team help.

At ePrime Digital, we specialize in helping businesses like yours flourish in today’s digital age.

Stop wasting time and get started scaling your organization by contacting us for your consultation today!

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