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Digital marketing trends

Stay in the Know: The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 You Can’t Miss

The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 You Can’t Miss

The world of digital marketing is changing in 2019. How so? Read on to learn about the top digital marketing trends to look out for this year.

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Digital marketing continues to dominate every other form of marketing. It’s fast; it’s efficient; and it reaches a global audience in a matter of seconds.

But, sometimes, the wave of options can feel more like a tsunami of pitfalls. Fear not! The trick is to focus on a small handful of marketing streams at a time.

Below, you’ll find four digital marketing trends that are sure to help you grow your business in 2019.

Video Digital Marketing Is a Must

Sure, you might not recognize this as a “new” trend. But, it’s “the” trend of 2019. With over 73% of Americans spending time on YouTube, how can you resist such a surefire way to interact with current and future customers?

Truth is, good content still matters. Social media marketing still matters. But, now, more than ever, video marketing matters.

Truth be told, it’s a fairly affordable medium and can be shared over every important web page and social media account.

Content Marketing Still Matters, Too

While we’re on the subject, good content still reigns supreme. You can have a million plus followers across all your accounts but solid content is always going to tip the scales.

It demonstrates your authority in your field and provides value to your products. Customers will enjoy supporting someone who “knows a thing or two” about their work.

And, as for the marketing end of it all, content is still the place to work on your link building strategies, guest posts, and effective calls-to-action.

Chatbots Will Be On the Rise

The rise of the chatbots! Look out! This is actually a good thing. Who do you know that enjoys dialing into a call center to listen to elevator music on a perpetual hold? Yeah. Nobody.

Chatbots allow people to hop online, chat with a trusted representative, and get to the heart of the problem in no time at all. Meanwhile, people can continue to multi-task their days away.

If you’ve ever had to reach out to Apple or Amazon, you’ll know their chatbox game is on point. There’s always someone professional to assist you and, if need be, they can take things to the next level with a phone call.

It’s All About Instagram

Facebook dodged a serious bullet when they bought out the competition; Instagram is coming hot and heavy for Facebook.

Sure, Facebook is going to hold steady for some time to come, but folks (more, the “cool kids”) are gravitating to the medium that allows you to scroll through pretty little pictures and purchase products directly off the platform.

If you don’t already have a business page, start that today. It’s free. Then, get to the business of garnering followers because everything is happening on Instagram these days.

While you’re rolling up your sleeves, take a quick read through our latest article, “How to Create a Killer Facebook Advertising Strategy.” Why not go hard on both platforms?

Digital Marketing Trends for the Savvy

And that’s you! Digital marketing trends fall under a huge umbrella that can help you advertise right from the comfort of your home.

With a couple professional videos, a booming Instagram account, and a blog loaded with killer content, you can stand tall in an otherwise-saturated market.

When you’re ready, here are five more social media marketing tips that’ll increase your exposure today.

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